LED Light Manufacturer With 11-Year Experience

Ever since 2008, IBRZ has been a dedicated manufacturer of LED lighting products in China, certified with ISO9001. Since then, we've been committed to a wide range of stylish and quality indoor & outdoor LED lights for brand owners, wholesalers, and project contractors.

With our comprehensive OEM & ODM capability, we assure our clients throughout the globe full access to lights with any designs & functions in the market.

the IBRZ factory

Why You Need IBRZ as Your Manufacturing Partner

We are committed to producing LED products of longevity and efficiency to make a “Greener” World.

  • Professional Solutions

    From concept to delivery, our experienced team is dedicated to assisting you in designing the customized LED products specific to your requirements.

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  • Attention To Detail

    Detail-oriented manufacturing coupled with strict quality control ensures your LED products arrive as expected and outperform your expectations.

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  • Direct Distribution

    The direct distribution of our in-house LED products eliminates any third party markups or schedule delays.

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IBRZ's Goals

98% On time delivery (OTD)
95% First Pass Yield
95% Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

Our Dedicated Workers

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Fulfill Your Bulk Order With Sufficient Stock of LED Lights From A China's Factory