LED Downlight Manufacturer

Provided with branded lamp beads, IBRZ LED downlights deliver on uniform illumination. With a 50,000-hour life span and great energy efficiency, our products are an ideal choice for retail stores and restaurants.

Our quality-assured materials and polycarbonate guarantee the long life and environmentally-friendly state of the LED lights to satisfy your customers. You can order designs that appeal to your market with our expertise. Collaborate with us for specialized orders.

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Outstanding Features of IBRZ's LED Downlight

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    Instant-on Light

    Using branded lamp beads such as Puri and Philips, our LED downlights have sufficient light that can be controlled with ease. Convenience translates to quality that will build a stronger customer base.

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    Stylish Design

    Customized to fit different applications, our downlights are designed to appeal to the market and stand out from the competition. Whether it is in an office building or a bathroom ceiling, we have designs that can adjust to their specific applications.

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    Installation Ease

    Divided into embedded and surface mounted, our downlights are lightweight and easy to install in wet locations and office areas, helping provide more options and a greater convenience for your end users profits you in the long run.

Diverse Applications For Different Markets

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Business Benefits
From A Qualified LED Downlight Manufacturer

Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed Performance

Our LED downlights are guaranteed to perform optimally in any setting. A branded chip and cob lamp help our LED downlights reach 18W.

Thanks to a universal dimmer, our LED downlights can be easily adjusted to suit your end clients’ preferences, which translates to high returns of purchase.

One-Stop Customization

One-Stop Customization

Providing support from power choices to changes in color temperature, our services help you get the best out of our LED downlights.

We offer our products in different shapes, trim and colors such as white, black and silver cone.

With these choices, you can enrich your product line for different markets and satisfy their needs.

Fulfill Your Bulk Order With Sufficient Stock of LED Lights From A China's Factory