LED High Bay Light Manufacturer

Manufacturing facilities and large warehouses can benefit from IBRZ high bay lights that work for high places and indoor settings. Using aluminum to provide durability and a shell baking process for corrosion resistance helps our lights gain a longer service life.

Our factory is capable of producing a wide selection of models to meet market demands while maximizing quality to get ahead of the competition. IBRZ LED high bay lights bring more customers due to their glare-free property and assured safety that translates to more purchase returns. Work with us today for personalized orders.

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Outstanding Features of IBRZ's LED High Bay Light

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    Powerful Illumination

    Cost-effective and safe for usage, our LED high bay lights provide maximum amounts of light at 150W with the use of branded light  chips. It also utilizes lamp beads that provides clear vision for end users, which satisfies their applications and creates a strong customer base from there.

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    Suitable Color Temperature

    Our LED high bay lights are optimized to serve different settings with a color temperature range from 3000 to 8000k. Warm and neutral colors are available to give your customers a wide array of choices. Serving many applications makes our LED high bay lights a cost-effective solution.

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    Excellent Heat Dissipation

    Our high bay lights employ heat sinks made of die-cast aluminum to dissipate any amount of heat. Working on various power outputs, our LED high bay lights meet the safety standards of your end customers to satisfy their needs.

Diverse Applications For Different Markets

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Business Benefits
From A Qualified LED High Bay Light Manufacturer

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Competitive Price

Adjusted to factory prices, IBRZ’s control over production costs ensures that we offer the most affordable options for you.

Ensuring a strong market appeal, we provide large discounts for wholesale orders so that you can maximize your profits.

The prices we offer are more negotiable compared to our peers and can help you reduce your spending.

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Rapid Prototype

Providing samples of our LED high bay lights at a quick lead time allows you to view our models as we prepare to meet your specifications.

Our prototypes are available in our inventory for quick distribution within 1-3 days.

Providing quick samples speeds up your orders and ensures fast delivery of products to meet customer demands.

Fulfill Your Bulk Order With Sufficient Stock of LED Lights From A China's Factory