LED Panel Light Wholesale

Our LED panel lights are made to deliver increased brightness while saving on power. Constructing panel lights using light guide plates guarantees improved lighting to help them shine evenly without dark spots and water ripples.

Our custom manufacturing solutions meet the demands of different markets while delivering at a speedy pace to get ahead of the competition. Order your samples today.

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Outstanding Features of IBRZ's LED Panel Light

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    High Light Transmittance

    Transmitting at a high brightness, our LED panel lights illuminate at a wider range with different effects that can attract your end customers. The higher brightness satisfy your market’s different lighting applications and enlarges your customer base.

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    Ultra-Thin Design

    Designed with a simple and ultra-thin appearance, our lamp bodies are measured at 11mm thinner than most. Our lamps come in sleek designs that fit the demands of various customer groups and diversify your stock.

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    Excellent Thermal Solution

    Our thermal solutions give our LED panel lights a longer lifespan that works for your customers’ commercial needs. With their ability to provide light for longer periods, our LED panel lights soar above market expectations to perform well for any given setting.

Diverse Applications For Different Markets

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Business Benefits
From A Qualified LED Panel Light Manufacturer

Distinguished Quality

Distinguished Quality

With a longer lifespan and high brightness, our LED panel lights are distinct in their quality.

Selecting only the best in raw materials for aluminum, we assure you that our panel lights are resistant to the elements and high impact.

Using excellent manufacturing and superb design models, our LED panel lights are propelled to the top of market trends. Get assured quality LED panel lights that your customers will constantly want more of.

Fast Customization

Fast Customization

Providing fast customization for your convenience, IBRZ takes care of brightness adjustment, the dimming drive and power output.

Your customers will find more satisfaction in your product line’s variety that can match their applications.

Our speedy customization boosts market appeal through greater supply of varied products and performance with end users.

Fulfill Your Bulk Order With Sufficient Stock of LED Lights From A China's Factory