LED Street Light Manufacturer

Illuminating the roads or outdoor area to protect anyone’s safety is made efficient with the IBRZ LED street light. The lamp housing of the fixture consists of aluminum die-cast material, which prevents heat buildup. Heavy rains are not a problem with the IP66 waterproof protection of our fixtures.

Fulfilling large volume orders of quality LED street lights is feasible with IBRZ factory equipment and personnel. Securing a leading position in the market is achievable thanks to our high performing LED fixtures. Ask for a quote today.

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Outstanding Features of IBRZ's LED Street Light

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    Low Luminous Decay

    With the light decay within 10% after 1,000 hours and lumen flux kept within 70%, the IBRZ LED street light has a long lifespan. Keeping end-users outdoor space secured with a quality lighting fixture that lasts for a long time helps you build high return purchases.

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    IP66 Waterproof Ratings

    The housing of our LED street light has an IP66 waterproof quality, stopping any powerful water jets or intense rainfall from entering the circuitry interior. Drive customer satisfaction with our light fixtures that can take on outdoor hazards.

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    Intelligent Lighting Modes

    Adjusting the light output of our LED street light with intelligent lighting modes allow end-users to create a suitable level of illumination. Attract customers from targeted parts of the market with the different lighting modes of our fixture.

Diverse Applications For Different Markets

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Business Benefits
From A Qualified LED Street Light Manufacturer

Affordable Customization

Affordable Customization

A vast array of customization options are available with IBRZ LED street lights.

By minimizing wastage and having a streamlined production, we can provide affordable pricing on customized content such as circuit schemes and housing appearance.

The custom products we offer help you satisfy both taste and functional requirements of different customers.

Certified Lighting Products

Certified Lighting Products

With CE, Rohs, CB, and Tuv product certifications and passing the ISO9001 quality management system standards, IBRZ is capable of creating high-performing LED street lights.

Providing certified light fixtures is important in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Supplying your clients or customers with quality IBRZ street lights can build trust, which drives referrals.

Fulfill Your Bulk Order With Sufficient Stock of LED Lights From A China's Factory