LED Tube Light Manufacturer

With long service life and energy-efficiency, our tube lights are the ideal solution for general lighting in office areas and other public spaces. Additionally, they have a color temperature that can be customized to meet different customer demands.

Our factory is able to produce these lights with thorough product inspections that assure quality your clients will rely on. You will find that our cost-effective and recyclable lights yield high return purchases.

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Outstanding Features of IBRZ's LED Tube Light

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    Uniform Light Distribution

    IBRZ LED tube lights are the ideal solution for improved lighting thanks to their sufficient back lighting that eliminates the “cave” effect. Using polycarbonate to achieve the distribution, light transmission is optimized for greater view and brightness, thus increasing your customer satisfaction.

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    Unparalleled Durability

    Lasting over 50,000 hours worth of service life, our lights are a durable choice due to their excellent heat dissipation and ignition resistance. Installing these lights entails reduced costs and long life that your customers will want to get a hold of.

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    Flicker-Free Light

    Removing any impediments that cause flickering, our LED tube lights are optimized to have a consistent voltage that meets regulations. Reducing constant headaches and other concerns allows them to meet safety standards that your customers can rely on.

Diverse Applications For Different Markets

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Business Benefits
From A Qualified LED Tube Light Manufacturer

Careful Material Selection

Careful Material Selection

Our control over the entire production process involves selecting raw material suppliers to ensure only the finest for our product line.

Through in-house raw material inspection, we assure you that every product is consistently in good shape and has less need for maintenance and repair.

Strong Manufacturing Capability

Strong Manufacturing Capability

Supported by 10 years of experience and 150 workers, IBRZ has the ability to make up to 200,000 lights daily and deliver them within 2 weeks.

Producing our LED tube lights quickly, we can bring you ahead of the competition and help you replenish your stock quickly.

Our manufacturing prowess allows us to offer a variety of design options that meet market trends and reach out to a wide range of customer groups.

Fulfill Your Bulk Order With Sufficient Stock of LED Lights From A China's Factory