LED Wall Washer Manufacturer

Achieving amazing landscape lighting to accentuate any of your clients’ outdoor space design is feasible with IBRZ LED wall washer. The fixture can emit various colored lighting with different effects to capture the attention of guests or passersby. With the remote control that comes with our LED wall washer, end-users have full control over each unit.

Fulfill clients’ lighting goals with high performing IBRZ LED wall washer that can withstand the elements. With quality LED wall washer, we can elevate your company to new heights. Inquire about our bulk orders today.

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Outstanding Features of IBRZ's LED Wall Washer

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    Wide Range of Colors & Effects

    From white, red, blue, and green colors, the IBRZ LED wall washer can produce different displays along with a variety of effects such as strobing and running lights. The creative lighting solution fulfills numerous needs of your clients.

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    360° Free Control

    Control of the IBRZ LED wall washer is made easy with the RF remote controller, ignoring any obstacles that block the device’s signal. With the 360 ° free control of our lights, your business can make a significant impact that drives customer loyalty.

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    Weather Resistance

    The housing of all IBRZ LED wall washers has an IP rating of up to 68 that makes the fixture withstand intense rainfall and down to -40°C temperatures. Providing clients with weatherproof LED solutions can satisfy interior project requirements such as withstanding harsh weather.

Diverse Applications For Different Markets

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Business Benefits
From A Qualified LED Wall Washer Manufacturer

Design Support

Design Support

To complete any lighting or outdoor display requirements, IBRZ provides design support of our LED wall washer.

A team of professionals can create an efficient lighting solution according to your required specifications.

With a custom housing, wattage, color temperature, drive, and other components, you can tap into a variety of markets.

Stable Supply

Stable Supply

With reliable raw material suppliers and innovative equipment utilized by experienced workers, IBRZ can manufacture up to 20,000 LED wall washers in one day.

The production capability of our factory makes us your reliable source for a stable supply of quality LED wall washers.

By fulfilling large volume orders, we can replenish your stock when demands are high.

Fulfill Your Bulk Order With Sufficient Stock of LED Lights From A China's Factory