Incoming Raw Material Inspection

The performance, reliability and longevity of your LED products rely heavily on the quality of its component parts. Therefore, each raw material we receive is inspected and approved before it is used in production.

Sulfur, chlorine & bromine is prohibited when we source raw materials and accessories of LED lights, such as power supply, PCB board, and aluminum heat-dissipating plate. This helps prevent light decay and even dead lamps.

Any material that does not meet our standards are clearly marked and rejected to guarantee the performance of your LED lighting products.

using the microscope to check the chips
Raw Material Inspection
Raw Material Inspection

We Only Source Branded Components For Your LED Products

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Advanced Equipment Employed by Seasoned Experts

Our manufacturing team consists of experienced engineers, technicians, and assemblers, with a strong background in the light-emitting diode and printed circuit board assembly process.

With multiple production lines running, we can produce over 250,000 luminaires per month. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment, we can satisfy our customers' lighting requirements in a diverse range of applications.


Final Quality Control

The performance of our LED lighting products has a major impact on your lighting business’ success.

Once assembled, fixtures are individually tested to ensure proper functionality. All our products undergo a series of quality tests in our internal quality testing facility. We have appointed a team of highly qualified and professional quality controllers to check each and every product based on the international quality standards set by the industry.

  • testing equipment

    Finished Photoelectric Test

  • IES Photometric Test

    IES Photometric Test

  • Ageing Test

    Ageing Test

  • testing equipment

    AC DC Hipot Test

  • Vibration Instrumentation Test

    Vibration Instrumentation Test

  • Drop Test

    Drop Test

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