• Confirmation
    of Needs
  • Concept &
    Industrial Design
  • Prototyping
  • Mold
  • Packaging
  • Delivery
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Confirmation of Needs

With ten years of experience and multiple designs for every application, IBRZ provides timely consultation to meet your expectations.

Expect consultation on the kind of customizations and possible effects our products will have for your business.

We guarantee that our expert advice will help you in all aspects of production, from prototyping to OEM to delivery.

Concept & Industrial Design

Our research and development capability allows us to support you in customizing industry designs. Our design team can customize brightness and power level for your LED lighting products.

With our additional customizations and accessories, we guarantee that our lights are safe to use with various lamp beads, transformers and polycarbonate materials.

Industrial Design


Assisting in your selection of products is our prototyping service. With a consistent sampling policy to guide you, IBRZ secures a steady and fast delivery of requested prototypes within 1-3 days.

Procuring ready samples helps you decide on the number of products you will need to meet customer demands and prepare your stock.

Mold Development

Mold Development

When required to change appearance structure, we can develop the tool for you. As few customers need to develop the tool for molding, we provide OEM customization to meet your needs.

Helpful in changing the exterior of our products, our tool development service can set specific characteristics for the design of our lights to fit your branded design.

packaging cargo


Providing excellent packaging solutions for your needs, IBRZ uses packaging pellets and other material for cushioning our LED lights when they are on transit.

Customization of our packaging can range from single product packaging to color box packaging. Our services assure you that every LED light package comes to you intact and in working order.



Securing our LED lighting products within a two-week lead time, IBRZ is ahead of the competition to meet strict deadlines.

Thanks to our efficient production processes and excellent shipping services, we are able to reduce the time needed to make LED lights while saving time for more deliveries.

Guaranteeing quick delivery and efficient service, we update you on the transport progress of your product to your premises.

Our Warranty & Commitment

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The warranty scope includes both complete lighting products and components.

  • 1 to 5 years of warranty, dependent on the capacitance of your LED products.

  • Free replacement parts under warranty.

  • Fast reply to any queries within 12 hours.

  • Problem solved and repaired products sent back within 3 days upon receipt of your returns.

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